Non-Swiss replica watch brands - a few modern replica watch brands you need to know

When buying a replica watch, it is certainly a safe choice to spend money on a Swiss replica watch brand with a good track record and good reputation. However, this does not mean that at some point you should not take action against a little-known watchmaker who is only aesthetically appealing to you. Usually, with relatively little investment, you can get something you really like and wear it every day. At first glance, it is hard to say which is worthwhile.

This is why we compiled this list. You have never heard of most non-Swiss replica watch brands. This may be why they are still affordable - even Rolex is a fledgling startup. When you read it, you will notice that they are not Swiss. The days when replica watches must be Swiss to be high quality products have passed. Although Swiss replica watches are still the benchmark for luxury replica watches, the best new designs have appeared in Scandinavia, France and the United States.

You should know that affordable replica watch brands such as Jack Mason in Texas and Nezumi in Sweden are changing the way we look at fake watches. Many of them are retro inspiration, but just retro-retro work doesn't fit the great design; these bring extra things. “When I saw the young replica watch brand, I was looking for originality and getting the right basic details,” said StockX replica watch director Blake Buettner, a live “buy/sell” market supported by Eminem and Mark Wahlberg.

“Young replica watch brands are not constrained by generations of design DNA, so they have the opportunity to push the boundaries that Swiss replica watch brands can't get,” Buettner points out. “In addition to this, a strong sense of identity with the fundamentals, such as the case structure and surface treatment, or the time scale and manual design. I hope to see the attention of these details, I see brands like the French Baltic Sea like this. Made replica Rolex with unique and modern historical design principles."

The best of these replica watch brands transcends our love of the beautifully presented dial and has aroused our interest on multiple levels. For example, for car people, the dial inspired by the classic racing chronograph or retro sports racer is attractive in the heart. Those that you can really understand what the designer is thinking about when creating. The founder of Nezumi Studios and the classic Porsche collector David CampoCárdenes told AskMen that his company is not a replica watch brand, but a lifestyle brand with a replica watch collection.

Nezumi Studios: As the brainchild of Stockholm concept designer, classic car enthusiast and replica watch collector David CampoCárdenes, Nezumi's carefully planned and reasonably priced replica watch collection pays tribute to the iconic vintage. The range ranges from the Corbeau military pilot replica watch to the Voiture racing chronograph and the Baleine diving replica watch.

Baltic Watch: Next to Nezumi, this is our favorite new replica watch brand. Headquartered in France (also home to the watch brand Bell & Ross), the Baltic Watch is the essence of simplicity and elegance. The replica watch brand avoids the complex problem of turning modern watchmaking into a quagmire, but instead focuses on “a more realistic approach that blends the purest watchmaking techniques” to create a stylish and innovative retro timepiece. Roue Watch: Rose's Alex Iervolino founded the UK-based replica watch brand, which they believe "high quality and refined style should not be unique to the rich." Inspired by classic cars (his father is a collector) Roue is more prosperous fake rolex than the 1970s. Most, but also get clues from the classic design objects created by Braun's legendary Dieter Rams. This watch is sporty but also very elegant, with a carefully tailored sports jacket.

Richardt & Mejer: Richardt & Mejer from Denmark, with a distinct 1960s style, but with classic Scandinavian craftsmanship, is a symbol of modern medieval design. Their work doesn't look right on Mad Men, although the basic style is more like Copenhagen than Madison Avenue. The best part may be that they offer free international shipping. About Vintage: This design is also from Denmark and is completely unique. The two designers envisioned this during their vacation in Mexico, dreaming of “creative, independent and creating something from scratch.” Produced by Skov Andersen's studio, the chronograph is the most elegant and beautiful fake watch on the list. One, such as the stunning 1957 chronograph on the stencil bracelet and the 1815 chronograph, named after the chronological invention.